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What is the difference between a "Lift & Tone" and a "Root Touch Up"?

A "Root Touch Up" is an application done to cover gray or alter the color of your natural hair using permanent hair color, typically lasting 5-7 weeks. 

A "Lift & Tone" is an application done to create a very high-lift blonde using a gentle lightener and a toner to even out and perfect the tone of your blonde, typically lasting 3-5 weeks.

*Root Touch Up and Lift & Tone are a one dimensional color. If you are not wanting a solid color, you will not wish to select this service.* 

What is the difference between "highlights" and "Balayage" ?

Highlights create a uniform and structured dimension to your hair and are great for adding brightness and contrast to your hair from scalp to ends, typically lasting 12 weeks.

Balayage is painted onto the hair to create a more natural and blended effect. Balayage typically starts a few inches away from the scalp, gradually becoming lighter towards the ends, typically lasting 6-9 months. 

I'm not sure what to book. What do I do now?

If you are unsure about which of my New Guest Services is right for you, just CLICK HERE to complete a digital consultation. I will get back to you ASAP to help figure out the best service for you. 

What is a "Gloss & Treat"

For those of you that are still loving your color but just need a trim and conditioning treatment to freshen up your color.

A toning gloss is added to enhance your color and add shine.

Maintenance: 6-12 weeks

What is a "White Refresh"?

Those of you natural beauties that want to embrace your natural grey/white color need to make sure it stays shiny and vibrant. I remove all of the build up from styling products, hard water, the environment, etc. Then I add a toning gloss to enhance vibrancy and shine. Finally, a haircut and style to complete your visit. 

Maintenance 5-7 weeks

Why don't you do brunettes and red heads?

While brunettes and red heads are beautiful, I specialize in blondes and choose to keep that my sole focus. 

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