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What is the Studio Ninety Three difference?

When I am looking for a caregiver for myself, whether it is a doctor or a massage therapist, I always look to find a provider that cares almost as much about needs as I do. This is why I am the way I am with my guests. I care about making you look and feel pretty when you leave the salon AND every moment between our visits as well. I want your hair to be low maintenance and fit in with your lifestyle. I also strive to create a little private oasis for my guests so when you are here with me, you can feel comfortable and relaxed.

S93 Signature Hair Repair & Pampering Treatment

What is this luxury treatment? Le me tell you about it...


Once you arrive...

A variety of complementary beverages and sweet treats are provided for you to enjoy during your visit.

Brushing Hair

The S93 Signature Treatment provides many benefits...

...and your hair will love you for it! It repairs dull & damaged hair, improves elasticity to eliminate breakage, adds hydration, adds strength and shine, repairs bonds, fewer tangles and easier styling!


We begin with...

A hair detox treatment to remove all of the impurities that build up on your hair and scalp over time. This creates a perfect canvas for any lighting, conditioning, or bond-building treatments.


Included in this luxury service...

An extended scalp massage that will promote healthy hair growth and most likely put you to sleep!


After your hair and scalp are prepared for treatment...

The relaxation has already begun. You may enjoy. a variety of complimentary amenities such as an epsom foot soak, warm eye towel, warm neck towel, and a lovely heated foot and calf massager.

Aromatheapy Oils

Along with all of the benefits this treatment does for your hair... also gives you some time to pamper yourself, YOU AND YOUR HAIR DESERVE IT!

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